The BionTech water ionizer has an attractive, simple design and is perfect for use in the home or small business environment.

To get healthy alkaline water, there are some great Water Ionizers on the market today. Remove all contaminants and enjoy water in its purest form with our extremely affordable Odev Water Distiller,  leaving you free to add in your own minerals as you desire.vitality4life. From the affordable Countertop Water Filter to the easy to use Undersink Filter Kit for the best tasting drinking water.

Filter the water in your home with our Aquasana Water Filter range.

A water filter will give you pure drinking water at home, which you can store in environmentally friendly Glass Bottles, which maintain the great taste and quality of the filtered water, without any of the risks associated with plastic and BPA toxins. At home water purification can be easy with the aquasana range of drinking water filters, shower filters and whole house water

If you want water in its purest, simplest form, a Distiller is the water purification product for you. Distillers remove all organic and inorganic matter from the water, leaving it pure and simple, ready for you to add Trace Mineral Drops.Company founder Roger Akins discovered a product in the late 1980’s and a way of life that continues to be the centerpiece.

Drinking water can be filtered through an affordable countertop water filter, which sits on your bench top and attaches to the existing tap or Undersink water filters which provide a separate tap, with the bulk of the system sitting under the sink, out of sight. The water filters whole house will remove sediment from your water before it enters the home. Take your pure water with you everywhere and be kind to the environment with our Aquasana Glass Water Bottle.

Your water treatment at home can be done in many different ways.

Shower in the softest, chemical free water with the Aqusana Shower Filter and filter your water as it enters the home with the Whole House Water Filter.

Benefit from healthy alkaline water using our range of Water Ionisers.

For more information visit us at http://www. The BionTech Water Ioniser range is the best available and will transform dead tap water into vibrant alkaline drinking water. The product was the twin gear living juicer and the philosophy was that of raw foods.

At home water filtration should take place in every room where water is available. These water distillers are extremely affordable and are a great cost effective way of purifying your water.

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These Aqusana water filtration products are not expensive and can be purchased online at Vitality4Life.

The whole house water filtration system will give you pure water throughout your Over the years, the company has evolved to incorporate what we see as the fundamental tools to increase living foods, fresh air and pure water in your life. Shower filters will ensure that you are bathing in pure water, free from chemicals that can be absorbed through your skin and inhaled through steam.